Israel as a promising destination for outbound tourism

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Business services include hotels equipped with everything you need to receive business visitors at a high level, renting halls for various events and ceremonies, complexes of various capacity for conferences, exhibition halls with advanced multimedia equipment and the most modern equipment, as well as transport services of the class suite.

Thus, the tourism industry of Israel has always been famous for its developed infrastructure, high-quality service, carefully thought out cultural program and individual approach to each. Today, Israel can offer tourists from all over the world and sunny beaches, colorful coral reefs, and the opportunity to see cultural and historical monuments. No one will be left without attention: neitherfans of extreme tourism, nor lovers of solitude in the bosom of nature.


To date, the largest potential for the development of tourism in Israel is the Russian market. However, many European tour operators have become increasingly interested in the Israeli direction, which used to orient their clients to Western resorts. Here new directions of the tourist market – business tourism and agrotourism are developing.

At the same time, considering the enormous importance of the tourism industry in the country’s economy, the Government of Israel is extremely puzzled by the problems facing the tourist who wished to come to Israel to rest. In order to minimize the level of these problems, visa-free regimes were introduced with countries that represent the most promising areas for Israel in the development of the tourism industry, including since 2008 – with Russia, and since February 2011 – with Ukraine.

Main elements and features of tour operating in Israel


Features of the organization of transfers

Without transfers – transportation of tourists from one route to another – on a journey can not do. From this, in fact, any individual program begins: at the Ben Gurion Airport, tourists are met by a representative of the host party (usually, he is also a driver), sits in a car and delivers to the ordered hotel with a breeze. This is how Private Transfer looks – individual transportation throughout Israel on a car or minibus up to 7 seats.

Sharing Transfer – collective transportation is provided only on the route from Ben Gurion Airport to the Dead Sea or back. The microbus driver collects passengers from several neighboring flights, so the waiting time for sending is possible up to two hours. A single passenger pays only $ 51 for such a pleasure (with the cost of an individual transfer of $ 245 for the entire car to 7 people).

Some inconvenience lies in the fact that the organization of collective transfers to the Dead Sea is not the tour operators, but the Israeli service company SESHIR, for whose actions the operators are not responsible. Tour operators recommend the day before you need to get through the phone and remind you from which hotel and how many people you need to pick up.

However, some hotels on the Dead Sea provide a collective transfer for free in gratitude

Excursion firms, if there are empty seats in buses, practice so-called group transfers from the center of the country to the Dead Sea and to Eilat. Regardless of the final destination, the tour bus costs $ 60. Unavoidable excursion service on the road is free of charge.

Domestic flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat by local airline flights can also be classified as transfer. In 2009, one-way ticket for an adult costs $ 85, for a child – 65, for a baby – 20, in 2010 – 95.70.20, respectively.

Flights to Eilat are made from the 1st terminal of Ben Gurion Airport or from the Tel-Aviv airport of the Sdei-Dov domestic lines. The terminals of the international airport are 3.5 kilometers apart. Between them a free shuttle bus runs all the time, but if you prefer individual service, the car will be served for $ 65 (in our opinion, a little expensive), and the trip will last 15 minutes.

Domestic airport Sdei-Dov is quite far from the international one – in North Tel Aviv. It’s inconvenient to get here without a car. For an unknown reason, a transfer between airports costs the same $ 65 per car.

Transfers in Eilat (airport – hotel – airport) cost $ 40 per car for up to 4 people one way.

Individual transfer is, in fact, the same taxi, only served on advance order. The order, of course, is worth the money. Therefore, if it is not difficult for you to explain yourself to the taxi driver (at least in English), you can save a little on the transfer.

Tourist formalities in Israel

North Telaviv

For tourists traveling to Israel for up to 90 days with a view to tourism, visits to relatives, transit, short-term business trips, not related to the extraction of profits on the territory of the country, European citizens do not need a visa.

To enter, you must provide the following documents:

  • Passport, the validity of which is not less than six months at the time of entry into the country;
  • air tickets (electronic tickets, ticket reservations) with a fixed departure date;
  • a medical insurance policy for the provision of services abroad for the duration of the trip;
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation (original, fax or printout from the Internet) or travel agency voucher (if the purpose of the trip is tourism);
  • for an invitation to visit Israeli relatives, friends or organizations – an invitation (original, fax or printout of a letter sent by e-mail). The invitation shall contain the personal data of the inviter and invitee, the purpose and terms of the visit, the address by which the invitee will live. The invitation is not required;
  • a letter from a medical institution (if the purpose of the trip is treatment).

In some cases, the immigration service may inquire about the availability of funds for the entire duration of the trip. In this case you don’t need to show off your winnings at, it is enough to name the available amount of money or show a bank card (printouts and letters from the bank are not required). The visa fee is not charged.

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